Armour stands

Are you a happy owner of a replica of an historical helmet or even a full-suit-armour? Are you worried about the fact that your treasure has to lie in a chest and you can take delight in it only once in a long time?

Simple armour stand

Simple armour stand

Detail 109,00 € In stock

Wooden armor stand

Wooden armor stand

Detail 152,00 € In stock

Armour, armor stands

The help is easy. You can build your own armour stand for it! This way you will have your precious armour displayed in your room or a hall and can enjoy it anytime you want. If you cannot build on by yourself, you are at the right web-page! You can buy one from our wide range offer of armour stands. As they are produced right in our workshop, your special wishes and changes can be fulfilled.

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Yes, we supply resellers as wll. Each of our distributors has a reseller customer account in our online store. For more information please read the article in the main menu Service / Wholesale, B2B and Service/ GTC for businessmen.

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