Horseman sword Amalfried, one and a half, Gothic style, class B


This type of swords was used in Europe in the 2nd half of the 15th century. The "S"-shape of the guard originated in Northern Germany and spread quickly to the rest of Europe. The sword was made after pictures in the book from Jan Sach - chladne zbrane – fotograficky atlas. More information...

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Horseman sword Amalfried, one and a half, Gothic style

Sword class B

  • Forged and ground blade of spring steel CSN 14260 (DIN 1.7103)
  • Blade hardness 52-54 HRC
  • Overall length approx. 120,5cm
  • Blade length approx. 94cm
  • Weight approx. 1830 g

Specifications vary from piece to piece; all stated data are to be understood as approximate. The blade is made out of hardened and tempered high carbon spring steel that is not stainless. The guard and pommel is made of steel.

The practical | battle-ready version of this sword has a blunt edge (2-3mm) and rounded point. Such sword was designed to be drawn in a battle or in a stage combat show.

Please note we cannot accept any responsibility for injury, damage or loss incurred by use of any of our sword. You use the sword entirely at your own risk! Even an unsharpened sword can cause serious injury and if precaution is not used easily break bone. Swords are not toys! Improper use and handling of accord may result in serious injuries or death to yourself or bystanders. Please keep your sword out of reach of children!

In fighting with sword on sword, the opponent’s blade should be parried with the side of the blade. Lead your sword sporty right and without excessive and/or unnecessary strength.

Compliance to local, state and federal laws and/or statutes is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Despite the high conscientiousness in the production and material selection, we cannot provide any warranty for breakage of the blade even at proper use. Any sword blade can be broken under certain circumstances. An absolute warranty cannot be provided by any respectable maker.

We warranty our swords against all manufacturer's defects (workmanship and or materials) for a period of two years. This warranty applies only when the product is used under normal conditions for which the sword is designed, and does not apply to damage related to accident, misuse, improper care, negligence, and abnormal and/or excessive wear and tear.

Possible nicks in the blade edge are natural symptom of wear and tear and cannot be reclaimed. When they turn up, please remove all sharp nicks by use of diamond file, abrasive paper or grinding machine.

Loosening of a cross | guard cannot be in many cases avoided as well. It can be fixed by additional riveting or tightening the screw joint. Winding a fishing line around the blade tang into the gap between the grip and guard prove as helpful as well to many swordmen, when trying to fasten a loosened guard.

Please read our: Directions for the use of bladed weapons.


8-Mar 2022
Steven Janus
verified review
I had bought this Kovex Ars longsword to use for HEMA and for armored combat. I I only put it through one fencing session so far in HEMA. The statistics mentioned on this site are fairly accurate. I ordered the blunt version. The site said 2 to 3 mm edges. The edges from the forge are exactly 2mm which is technically true. I do wish the blade had thicker edges. The edges to take some dings since they are a little thin from fencing. They do polish out fairly well with my 1x30 belt sander. A stone and sand paper could polish them out to but, sander is faster. Sword is very well made, it feels like a proper long sword. The weight of 1.8 kg blunt or just under 4 pounds is a little heavy but not overly so and not outside the historic weight range of a similar longsword for war. The flex is very good. I put a longsword blunt on the tip and glued it with a brass bullet casing underneath it to thrust safely. It's not overly flexible but, it is a good amount of flex. Like the other reviewer it would be nice if a rolled tip and thicker edges were an option. I don't mind using a bullet casing with a rubber longsword blunt on the tip, it's just a bit extra work. The handling is fantastic. It's a bit on the heavy side compared most feders or longsword blunts but not overly so. The temper and heat treat seem good as the blade does return to true after bending and the edge damage, despite being thin, isn't too bad. I only did spar with it once. I am happy I got it. It's a very good handling sword. Handle is just right for clamshell gauntlets either steel or SPES Hema style gauntlets. Your opponent will want to wear some kind of forearm protection though. It does hit heavier than most feders. I really like it over all and am tempted to buy the sharp version also. Again just wish it had thicker edges and a rolled tip. Excellent sword otherwise.
2-Jan 2017
Erik Varberg
verified review
Two things I will point out here before I review the sword : 1 : I use the sword for HEMA practices, which includes a lot of blade contact and heavy sparring. 2 : I had my sword extended to around 130cm (similar to a feder) so that I can use big sparring gloves and still have a lot of space on the handle. I bought this sword in the beginning of 2014, and it has been used extensively throughout the years, all from simple technique drills to heavy free sparring. The sword is an absolute beauty to handle. The point of balance (PoB) is around 2cm away from the guard, so it is very agile to use, and it's very safe for my sparring partners as the energy of the blows are reduced due to the PoB. The blade has no damage to it after three years (small nicks on the edge), and the flexibility is excellently balanced between stiffness with a proper flex during thrusts. There is no rattling from the guard, and the leather wrapping is still solidly applied to the handle. Maintenance of the sword is done by filing down edgy nicks on the edge and swiping the blade with sandpaper and apply oil on it, and it doesn't take a lot of time. There are two small things which I will point out. 1 : The quillons was slightly bent backwards due to some hard hits. This was fixed by heating the quillons with a blowtorch and bend them back. I think that this can be avoided by forging a slightly thicker guard or by adding more metal at the guard where it's the thinnest. 2 : It would be a very good idea for the fine people at Wellcrafted s.r.o. to add an extra blade tip option for those who will use the swords in HEMA. By having the option for all forged swords to have a rolled tip or a flat/thick tip for safety, it would give these sword a good chance to be used in international HEMA gatherings. I heartily recommend this sword for anyone who will have an excellent high-quality longsword for a very good price.

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