Arm Bracers Fencer

These Arm Bracers  with lacing are designed for active fencers and reenactors. In the dark medieval ages this type of vambraces was popular due to its practical and durable nature. More information...

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Arm Bracers Fencer, 2 pieces

The Arm Bracers are made of 3-4mm thick smooth cowhide. These are quite robust guards that will protect your elbow against undesirable blows. The upper part of the vambraces is provided with decorative lacing with a 2.5mm thick leather strip. The strip is used to draw the guard tight at three spots. The bottom part of the guard (so-called upholstered part) is made of fine 0.5-1.5mm thick leather. The thicker leather is joined to the thinner leather by sewing together. After the long strings are threaded though the buckles they can be pulled under the buckles.   

Besides the colour shown in the picture the vambraces are available in other colours: see the choice of colour.

Please note: This product is made by hand from genuine leather. This is a purely natural material. Minor differences in the colour and surface texture are its natural characteristics. These small imperfections do not decrease the value of the product. Each piece is to some extent an original.

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