Pollaxe about 1520


Windlass representative ran across this pollaxe in a private collection and immediately decided we needed to replicate it. With a long history of use, the pole axe was very popular in the lists, with the winner being decided by the number of blows fairly struck. It was also quite popular for use on the field of battle. With a good sharp point it could be used as a short spear, the back or spike could be used to pierce armor, and the axe head itself was quite lethal. More information...

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Pollaxe about 1520

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

The pollaxe is a type of European polearm. It was widely used by medieval infantry. It is also known by the names poleaxe, pole-axe, pole axe, polax, and Hache (French meaning axe).

Superb copy, with a high carbon blade and langets to protect the shaft. A magnificent example of a pole arm.

  • Total length approx. 1725mm
  • Length of the wooden shaft including the metal butt cap approx. 1325mm
  • The ax blade is approx. 98mm wide and approx. 245mm long
  • The curved back beak is approx. 126mm long and approx. 40mm wide
  • The spike is approx. 335mm long, 24.9mm wide and approx. 4.93mm thick
  • The metal head of the pole axe is attached to the handle with two langets. They are approx. 380mm long; approx. 28mm wide and approx. 1.5mm thick
  • The shaft (pole) is a squared timber with rounded edges with a cross section of approximately 39.04 x 38.8mm
  • The metal butt cap is approx. 36.3mm long and its cross section corresponds to the cross section of the pole
  • The hand-filed cross in the ax blade has dimensions approx. 14.7 x 14.7mm
  • There are two notches at the pointed ends of the ax blade
  • The spike is pointy and its side edges are approx. 1mm thick
  • Thickness of the edges on the curved back beak is also approx. 1mm; its edge starts approx. 86mm from the tip
  • Total weight approx. 2920 g

Premium quality, made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

15-Feb 2019
Ioannis Nemtsas
verified review
Well balanced but imposing pollaxe and good representation of these late medieval knightly weapons.

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