Infantry war axe Rouland, 14-16 cen

A stabbing and cutting weapon that was especially used by the foot soldiers. The lower end of the shaft is provided with a metal foot. The shaft is made of tough ash wood. Source: Martin J. Dougherty: Zbrane a bojove techniky stredovekych valecniku 1000-1500 n. l.; 2012; ISBN: 978-80-206-1292-2. More information...

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Infantry war axe Rouland, 14th - 16. century

  • Total length approx. 2,140mm - Due to restrictions in transportation, this weapon is delivered disassembled. It is pre-drilled and prepared so that it can be easily put together.
  • Overall dimensions of the upper metal part approx. 438 × 210mm
  • The main spike is made of a 12mm prism and is approx. 230mm long
  • The cutting edge of the axe is approx. 2.3mm thick
  • The flat part of the hammer measures approx. 26.4 * 71.5mm
  • The octagonal wooden pole has a diameter of approx. Ø 35mm
  • The shaft is reinforced with two iron bars of approx. 500 * 14.7 * 2.0mm 
  • The steel foot at the lower end is approx. 145mm long, has a diameter of approx. 38mm and its spike is made of a 15.5mm prism and is approx. 84mm long
  • Total weight approx. 2940 g

Due to manual finalization, the specifications given above may vary slightly from item to item. Made in the Czech Republic.

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