Steel Frying Pan with foldable handle

This is a very attractive replica of a late Roman frying pan, called Patera. This pan is practical for camp use. The original was found in the grave near the Kastell Gelduba (Krefeld-Gellep, Germany) and originates from the 3rd century a.d. Eventhough the pan is clearly of Roman origin, it may be used for reenactment of later eras. More information...

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Steel Frying Pan with foldable handle, so called Patera

The foldable handle is attached to the pan with two rivets. As with the original, there is a spout for pouring out grease. The pan is blackened with soot and oiled. We recommend thorough scrubbing with soap and/or burning off oil residue above the fire.

  • Material: 16mm steel (pan), flat steel for the handle total length including handle: approx. 57cm
  • diameter: approx. 27cm
  • height of pan: approx. 48mm
  • weight: approx. 1.25 kg

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.

Legal Note: This item is a medieval prop, of which only few units are made and sold. A certification by food law authorities would be economically inefficient or else would inflate the sales price a lot. For this reason, we must inform you that this item is a prop and neither certified nor suitable for use in food preparation.

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