Iron Camp Pot 5 L

Robust iron pot, blackened by forging soot and oiled against rust. We recommend scrubbing the pot with steel wool and oven cleaner or burning off the oil residue over a fire. A perfect camp equipment for many periods. More information...

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Iron Camp Pot, approx. 5 litres 

  • Material: 16mm steel
  • Diameter: approx.  23cm, 22cm a 22cm
  • Height of pot without handle: approx. 12cm; 15,5cm and 15cm
  • Volume: approx.  2,5-3 l 3-3,5 a 5-5,5 litres
  • Weight: approx.  1,7 kg ; 1,55 kg a 1,8 kg

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.

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