German Bascinet with removable nasal and aventail


The earliest versions of the bascinet, at the beginning of the 14th century, had no visors, and were worn underneath larger "great helms." After the initial clash of lances, the great helm was often discarded during fierce hand-to-hand combat, as it impeded breathing and vision. Thus, having a smaller helmet underneath was a real advantage. More information...

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German Bascinet with removable nasal and aventail

The optional aventail consists of non-riveted rings, 1.6mm thick with an inner diameter of approx. 9mm. The aventail can be made from rings of other sizes and possibly from stainless steel wire on request.

This helmet can be made to measure after your measurements ‘1a’ to ‘1j’ in this measurement chart.

Please read our instructions, how to determine a helmet size correctly.

8-Sep 2014
king arthur
verified review
I love using this when combating evil hoards. It helps me repel them and keep my kingdom safe and secure from rampaging masses.

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