14th Century Visored Bascinet 1.5mm steel

Imagine a fully armored knight charging towards his opponent with an old-style great helm, ready to strike with full force. Now, picture that same knight with a visored bascinet – an even better and more versatile helmet! this reproduction, a historically inspired masterpiece, seen in the BNF Nouvelle acquisition française 5243 45r, 74v, 48r, DATE: 1370-80 was worn by fully armored knights and featured a hinged visor for improved protection and versatility. More information...

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14th Century Visored Bascinet 1.5mm steel

Handmade from 1.5mm steel mild steel, it has an inner circumference of approximately 70cm that allows it to be worn by almost all who wish to wear it. It comes with an ethically sourced leather liner, acting as a shock absorber. The genuine leather strap and brass buckle keep it in place during your entire battle. this reproduction is ideal for re-enactments, 14th century fully armoured knight costume, and even real-life combat. So, it’s not just any visored bascinet, it’s a historical piece of art.

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