Heraldic Eagle Belt Mount 25x24mm, Set of 5

These Heraldic Eagle belt studs might just be what’s missing in your unadorned leathercraft! Add them to your apparel and belts to make the best costume for your next reenactment or LARP outfit. More information...

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Heraldic Eagle Belt Mount 25x24mm, Set of 5

It is crafted from PURE SOLID BRASS for the minute historic details. It is also treated against corrosion which will make it last for years. They are supplied in a set of 5, each measuring approx. (2.5 X 2.4)cm.

  • Polished finish

The back of the mount has a post. Brass fittings with pegs are intended to be riveted onto leather. For this we recommend using a brass washer and a ball peen hammer. When the leather and washer are in place the peg is lightly hammered until it mushrooms over the rivet to secure it into place.

Brass is softer than steel and care must be taken not to strike the pegs too hard – striking them with too great a force risks bending or breaking them. The rounded part of a ball peen hammer is useful for shaping the flattened mushroom head to get an optimal fit. Please Note that the brass pin must not extend too far past the leather and washer before hammering as only a small portion of the pin is needed to flatten and fit it to the leather. If the pins are too long you will risk bending or breaking them without getting a tight fit. If they are too long, they can be cut down to a proper size before hammering.

  • Brass washers that can be used for this purpose are available separately.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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