Sword breaker, Renaissance dagger about 1600

This sword breaker is based on several museum originals. This unique dagger replica is held in the left hand with the teeth on the blade pointing downwards and used to catch an opponent's blade. More information...

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Sword breaker, Renaissance dagger about 1600

  • The dagger is optionally available with a leather-covered wooden scabbard with a metal mouth and chape.
  • Total length: 42cm
  • Crossguard length: 19.8cm
  • The depth of the filed teeth in the blade: 25mm
  • Blade Thickness: 4.33mm
  • Blade width at guard: 48.74mm
  • Pommel length: 49mm
  • Pommel diameter: 34mm
  • Length of grip wrap (excluding pommel): 8.5cm
  • Thickness (diameter) of the guard measured approx. 2cm from the end: 9.32mm
  • Weight of the dagger: 760 g
  • Weight of the sheath: 139 g
  • The center of gravity of the dagger is right in the guard

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

The sword breaker (German Degenbrecher) is a Western European dagger of the 15th-17th centuries, distinguished by large deep teeth along one side of the blade, resembling a comb, which formed a trap designed to capture enemy weapons: sword, sword, rapier. It was used as a dagger for the left hand when fencing, paired with a rapier or a one-handed sword. This weapon did not have a large distribution due to the complex technique of possession and low suitability as a dagger itself.

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