Hospitaller Tabard / Surcoat Alexander for Children, black/natural colored

Tabards were worn by many knights to identify themselves as crusaders. The coat of arms upon them (also called Surcoat or Surcot) appeared in the 12th century, and was worn by the knights over their armour or chain mail on the battlefield. With the colours and the cross it made it clear in the fray of the battle who was friend, and who was foe. More information...

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Hospitaller Tabard / Surcoat Alexander for Children, black/natural colored

This calf-length tabard for children is made entirely of strong cotton. It is cut straight and slit sideways to the waist. The front and back are also provided with a slightly shorter slit in the middle. The classic Johanniter cross is emblazoned across the chest.

The Knights of the Order from the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem (Latin name: Ordo Hospitalis sancti Johannis Ierosolimitani) or Knightly Order of St. John from the Hospital in Jerusalem were referred to as "Johanniter". This knightly order was founded in 1099 after the conquest of Jerusalem by the army of the First Crusade. The knights of this order were also referred to as hospitalites. Anno 1306, after the fall of the crusader states, the order was first moved to Rhodes, then in 1530 to Malta. This is why this order is now called the "Order of Painters". only the coat of arms is sold here! The other items are available separately in our online shop.


  • Available sizes: 110, 128, 146, 164
  • Colour: natural / black
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Overall length for size 128: approx. 88cm (measured at the center back)
  • Care instructions: machine wash at 40 ° C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry

In order to determine the size of your child's clothes, please refer to their height (for a height of 128cm, please order size 128).

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