15 c. Rondel Dagger, with leather scabbard

The rondel dagger, a late medieval melee weapon, gets its name from the round, disc-like shape of its hand guard as well as from the spherical form of its pommel. More information...

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15 c. Rondel Dagger, with leather scabbard

It was often used in combination with a small fist shield, the buckler. The usually slim and tapering blade was yet robust and perfectly designed for puncturing chain mail. It could also be forced between the joints of a plate armour.

This authentic replica of a 15th century rondel dagger, created by Primus Arms, is the reproduction of a museum piece now displayed at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England.

Its hilt is made of solid wood with steel fittings. Its sturdy scabbard is made of cowhide and features a sewed-on belt loop. The blade is not sharpened.


  • Overall length: approx. 35cm
  • Blade length: approx. 21cm
  • Max. blade width: approx. 1.5cm
  • Including cowhide scabbard, belt loop width approx. 5.5cm

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