Viking Splinted Bracers Valsgärde, 7th cen.

This pair of splinted bracers are crafted from plates of 16 gauge steel riveted to bands of leather. The bracers are adjustable to size with its integrated adjustable leather straps with steel buckles. To design the model presented here, we have taken free inspiration from the archaeological finds from Valsgärde grave 8 ship burial (Generally dated from the 7th century i.e., pre-Viking Vendel era). More information...

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Viking Splinted Bracers Valsgärde, 7th cen.

Well-designed by skilled artisans from 3-4mm thick GENUINE LEATHER and STURDY 16-gauge MILD STEEL PLATES, these Viking splinted guards are FULLY FUNCTIONAL and will be an ideal companion for your next reenactment Viking battle. Note: it seems that one of the worlds used for that kind of protection may have been “scancgebeorg”.

  • Approx. 275mm long

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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