Viking Splinted Greaves Valsgärde, 7th century

This pair of splinted greaves is made from 1.6mm steel bands riveted onto sturdy leather straps. These leather straps are equipped with steel buckles that allow them to be adjusted to the shin and calf. Simple but effective, this style of armor was a less expensive option for the late medieval soldiers who needed robust armored shin protection but could not afford the precise contours of custom-made greaves. They may lack the elegance of well-crafted plate greaves, but these splinted greaves are not to be underestimated in terms of the protection they offer. The protected area is essentially impenetrable to cuts; A lucky swipe of a blade might find the gap between the splints, but against a moving and fighting target that's easier said than done. This is a practical armor for the Medieval Men-at-Arms. More information...

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Viking Splinted Greaves Valsgärde, 7th century

The idea of splinted greaves wasn't unique to Europe - warriors in medieval Japan commonly wore their own form of splinted shin and forearm armor.

To design the model presented here, the manufacturers freely drew inspiration from the archaeological finds from the Valsgärde ship grave 8 of the (generally from the 7th century, i.e. before the Vendel period).

  • Made of 3-4mm thick genuine leather and sturdy 1.6mm mild steel
  • Available in one size fits most
  • Total length approx. 270mm
  • Polished finish

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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