Roman Commander Vambraces

These detailed Roman vambraces are hand formed from steel, plated in brass and antiqued to accurately capture the screen used look. Lined in suede with thick leather thong lacing. More information...

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Roman Commander Vambraces

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

  • Overall length approx. 178mm (7 inches).
  • The inside is coated with suede leather
  • The lacing on the inside consists of an approximately 3.6mm thick leather cord
  • The edges are folded
  • The flanging of the edge is about 3.8mm thick
  • Sheet thickness approx. 0.9mm
  • Total length about 81mm
  • Inner width at the wrist approx. 75mm
  • Inner width at the forearm approx. 111mm
  • In the forearm braces are decorated with a hand-hammered decorative emblem
  • The weight of both pieces together is about 732 g

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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