US World War II Clicker Invasion Cricket Clicker D-Day 1944

It is well designed from pure solid brass, with an attached steel plate, ensuring longevity and durability. It comes with a hole on one end for you to pass a cord through it (available separately) that will help you carry it easily. The brass front has a length of approx. 5.2cm, the steel plate has a length of approx. 5cm and the total structure is approx. 1.3cm wide. A hole is punched at its front for you to pass a cord (not included) and carry it easily, wherever you go! More information...

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US World War II Clicker Invasion Cricket Clicker D-Day 1944

D-Day planners gave American paratroopers an especially difficult assignment — jump out of C-47s into Nazi-held territory just after midnight, capture key bridges, crossroads, and towns, and prevent German counterattacks against Allied forces on the beachheads.

But how could the men, who would be landing in fog and darkness, dispersed by the variables of wind and pilot navigation, identify each other? Gen. Maxwell Taylor, commander of the 101st Airborne, came up with the clever idea of issuing his men little toys that made cricket sounds. A single click on the “clicker clacker” allowed a soldier to ask someone in the dark if they were friend or foe. If the other person responded with two clicks, it was a good bet he was a friend.

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