Army dagger Uton 362-NG-4

It is a model of the UTON dagger series supplied mainly for purposes of the Army of the Czech Republic. More information...

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Army dagger Uton 362-NG-4

  • The UTON knife blade is made of high quality stainless steel type 420 with a hardness of 53-55HRc, a lenght of 140mm with a wedge cut.On the front side is the embossed number 0007.
  • The longer blade has only UTON AZ.
  • The handle is made of hardened rubber, which prevents of slipping thanks to its ergonomical shape.
  • It has a gap for attaching accessories (saw, file, spike) and a locking gap for a paracord cord with a pin.
  • The dagger has a 362-4 NATUR LEATHER-Brass case - a light leather case with a pocket for accessories and KIN DOT strength buttons in color of old brass, including a metal plate preventing the dagger from falling out.
  • The case is equipped with a saw, a file and a green paracord cord.
  • Total weight is 0.346 kg.

UTON 362-NG-4 / ARMY is one of the original products of Mikov s.r.o. Mikulášovice.

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