Us Model 1917 Bolo Knife


The US military used the same basic bolo knife from the turn of the century through WWII. Manufactured from 1897 to 1918, it went through a number of changes during its production life. First issued to medical personnel in the field it was later issued to fighting troops and used to clear brush, fields of fire and for any task requiring a “chopper”. More information...

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Us Model 1917 Bolo Knife

We have chosen to reproduce the 1917 version that was made in great numbers during 1917 and 1918. Features a heavy-duty high carbon sharpened steel blade (the reverse edge is sharp for the 1st 2") that’s properly heat treated in a computer controlled kiln.

The full tang is integral with the pommel and the dark close-grained wood grips are secured with 2 large bolts. The right side of the blade base is embossed “US MOD 1917 CT” and the left is embossed “PLUMB STLOUIS 1918”.

Includes a No 1 style scabbard that includes a 1918 dated makers stamp on the leather tip; it’s covered in heavy canvas with a heavy-duty brass throat and brass belt hanger for use on standard web belts.


  • Total length 375mm
  • Blade length 253mm
  • Color brown/grey
  • Sharp blade
  • Blade width at the widest point approx. 49.83mm
  • Knife weight approx. 673 g
  • Scabbard weight approx. 284 g

Premium quality made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

3-Feb 2023
Oldřich Zelinka
verified review
Cekal jsem pul roku na tento produkt a musim rict ze je perfektni.Jak zpracovanim tak kvalitou i pouzdro je dokonale.Ostri drzi a to ho hodne pouzivam.Vsem kdo nechce utracet tisice za original tento us bolo doporucuji.Olda

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