Tank Battalion knife with a fixed blade Taurus

Tank Battalion knife with a fixed blade Taurus
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The TAURUS knife is from the Mikov company, which is based in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland in the town of Mikulášovice. affiliation and pride to this exceptional type of army. Therefore, the cooperation of the tank battalion commander, the author of combat knives Roman Hippík and technicians of the company Mikov s.r.o. a real uniqueness was created - a knife with timeless parameters, which will belong to the decorations of every soldier of the tank battalion. We offer the Taurus knife in two versions. The T0 version is intended exclusively for members of the tank battalion, the T1 version can be purchased by any knife lover and collector. More information...

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Tank Battalion knife with a fixed blade Taurus

Version T1

  • for the blade it is possible to have any text engraved according to the buyer's wishes - - on the back fittings there is a sign of tank units
  • the first 20 customers will receive as a free experience ride in the tank


  • total length: 254mm
  • height: 40mm
  • width: 22mm

The knife is made in black for a masking effect, it is with MIKOV logo, RH and serial number

The blade is made of N690 steel hardened to a hardness of 58-60 HRc with a lower and upper cut. The thickness of the blade is 4.5mm, the length of the lower blade 123mm, the length of the upper blade 31mm. The edges of the blade are chamfered for a comfortable grip, the blade passes smoothly into the other parts of the knife.
The shape at the tip of the knife symbolizes the front of the tank when viewed from the side. To achieve a matt surface, the blade is sandblasted before applying the DLC layer.

Handle - has a length of 128mm and consists of 2 handles made of black G10 material, each with a thickness of 8.5mm. Together with the blade, they form a robust handle with a thickness of 22mm. This shape of the handle allows a firm grip in both the classic and reverse knife hold. The hexagonal shape of the handle symbolizes the pin that connects the individual parts of the tank belt. The front part of the handle symbolizes the front fender of the tank when viewed from the side

Case - the knife is equipped with a kydex case. shape 6 - edge. The material is so tough and hard that it cannot be machined other than by EDM. The socket can be used for some striking work.

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