Smallsword of the Czechoslovak Customs Service Model 1932 Lion

The Sword of the Czechoslovak Customs Service was worn by customs officials until 1939. It was introduced by Government Decree No. 131/1932 of July 22, 1932. During the Protectorate, it was to a small extent, after various modifications of the former First Republic coat of arms, worn by the customs service of the newly established Slovak state. More information...

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Smallsword of the Czechoslovak Customs Service Model 1932 Lion

Description of the sword

The hilt

The hilt is cast from brass, then chiseled (that is, manually adjusted with a spade) and then gilded. The lower guard is straight. From the top, it resembles the shape of an oval. The center of the part is inlaid on both sides of the mother-of-pearl, where a gilded Czechoslovak coat of arms measuring 12 x 15mm is inserted from the front side and the handle is riveted on the other side. Only in the case of the lion are the inserted handles still attached on both sides at the top and bottom by overlapping gold plates. The upper part of the hilt is then finished on both sides with an engraving of linden leaves, above which is dominated by a beautifully elaborated lion's head with a mane and a ring in the mouth used to thread the tassel. The removable lion's head is glued with screws on some gladioli, whether in the design of a lion or a lioness. diamond-shaped with a slightly raised longitudinal central point. The tip of the blade has a gradual arching of the blade and the rickshaw is smaller with this blade than, for example, with flight cords, where the blade is similar in shape and design.
The rikasu blades are in:
original design:
Linden branches and in the circle the letter "Z" on the other side is the designation Vrkoslavice (from the manufacturer Jan Zineddr Vrkoslavice) In some cases, the sword of the Czechoslovak customs service has a ricaso without the manufacturer's designation. Hynek Hojtaš Prague is sometimes described as the manufacturer of these gladioli among some collectors. in the

Mikov design:

limited edition number. Each piece is original.
- the blade is made of high quality stainless steel and hardened to a hardness of 56 HRC


front side hanging mandrel (hook) for attaching a hanger in the shape of a linden leaf. The lower sheath fittings are beautifully decorated on both sides with four linden leaves. Between the upper and lower fittings was glued smooth leather in a darker green shade

  • in Mikov version it is possible to buy a green or blue version)

All visible metal parts of the sheath are in gold version .


in the prescribed design of hinges, the whole pocket is made of green smooth leather with two gold sighted or green ribbons made of smooth leather finished with two gold carabiners

  • v made Mikov can be made in green or blue)


The prescribed tassel is made of gilded dragonfly with a semi-closed acorn filled with a green pumpkin < br> - in the proven Mikov it is possible to make the design in green or blue)

Measures of the gladioli of the lion

  • blade length without sheath 375mm
  • blade length 247mm
  • sheath length 280mm
  • blade width 21mm

Source: Cold weapons Czechoslovakia 1918-1953
author Jan Zelený and Jiří Šmejkal year 2013 -description

Smallsword of Czechoslovak customs Officers 1932

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