Dagger of the Czechoslovak pilots Model 1927

Dagger of the Czechoslovak pilots Model 1927 was assigned by decree of the Ministry of National Defense in 1927 to the Czechoslovak armament. Cord was worn by officers and sergeants of the Czechoslovak Air Force. It was still worn by the Slovak Air force after the occupation of the Czechoslovakia by German Republic in 1939. More information...

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Dagger of the Czechoslovak pilots Model 1927

Hilt Decorated with a slightly curved two-armed shield, above the ricasso it is formed from the front and back by the Czechoslovak national emblem (lion) placed in a diamond which is bordered by a circle. The upper arm of the shield is to represent the wings of the biplane. The inserted handles of the decorated elm are lined on both sides with a horn. It is then finished with a square upper guard fastened with an oval screw terminal (upper screw).

All metal parts of the hilt are plated with old brass. Note: in version Mikov 2021 - based on the customer's wishes, other types of surface treatment can be made, such as gilding) - can replace the national emblem with any other emblem upon request. - the handles are lined with "mother of pearl" it is an imitation of ivory Blade The blade is a straight steel double-edged cross-section in the shape of a diamond with a longitudinal and slightly raised the center point where the tip of the blade has a gradual arching of the blade. The lion is embossed with a lion with a double number 27, which indicates the year of production of the sword, 1927.

Between the lion and the double number, the Wlaszlovits Štos brand is embossed on the blade and stylized in a lenticular shape. An inventory number is embossed on the ricasso on the other side of the blade. Each piece is original. - the blade is made of high quality stainless steel and hardened to a hardness of 56 HRC Sheath The sheath consists of a decorated upper middle and lower fitting, of which the upper and lower fitting form triangular hooks for attaching sword hinges. The space between the shields is filled with glued suede or smooth leather in variations of brown or blue. All metal parts of the sheath are plated.

The hanger was made of brown suede or smooth leather consisting of two sliders of rectangular shapes with adjusting screws, which allow further possible adjustment of the hanger according to personal needs, such as the height of the pilot etc. The hanger was finished with a spring carabiner. All metal parts are plated.

  • total length of sword in sheath 400mm
  • length of sword without sheath 355mm
  • length of blade 225mm
  • sheath length 265mm
  • blade width 24mm

Note There is a Czechoslovak aviation cord model 1927 so-called 2nd Variant from the first variant differs - hilt handles are inlaid with imitation of white to cream ivory - the blade has the letter Z1, lion cub and the number 35 or 36 embossed on the ricasso in one row from the lower shield. 1935 or 1936 to the Czechoslovak armament. On the other side of the blade, the Wlaszlovits Štos brand is embossed in a straight line in a straight vertical line

Source: Cold Weapons of Czechoslovakia 1918-1953 author Jan Zelený and Jiří Šmejkal year 2013

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