Heater Shield 61x43cm made of steel, 14th century

This 14th-century heater shield is medium in size - not as long or as heavy as the Kite Shield, making it perfect for the soldiers on horseback. It was very common for this shield to have crests or heraldry emblazoned on the front to show who owned it or for whom it was fought. This matt black painted steel heater shield is made of 1.2mm thick steel (18 gauge). You can paint your unique coat of arms on it. Fight under your own colors and win the hand of a beautiful maiden or be the maiden being fought for. The outer rim is flanged and lined with steel rivets. The back is equipped with 2 straps for hanging on the wall, both made of genuine cowhide. This heater shield can also be worn on the left hand, with an adjustable leather strap ensuring a firm hold on the forearm. The back is of course equipped with a solid handle made of wood and steel. More information...

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Heater Shield 61x43cm made of steel, 14th century

  • Height 61cm
  • Width 43cm
  • Steel thickness 1.2mm (18 gauge)
  • Thickness of the flanging on the edge approx. 5mm
  • Wooden handle length 13cm
  • Weight 2797g
  • The 25mm wide leather straps are made of 4mm thick leather

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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