Blank Heater Shield 70x46cm made of 1.2mm steel

The Heater Shield is a high-medieval shield type that developed from the dragon shield around the middle of the 13th century and played a prominent role in heraldry. There was an increasing reduction in the area of the kite shield. On the one hand, this can be attributed to a striving for weight reduction, on the other hand, the armor had also changed significantly. Thus greaves and the great helm had come about. These innovations eliminated the enormous size of kite shields (50-75% of the wearer's body size). The heater shield covers the area from the shoulder to around the knee, so it offers freedom of movement and visibility. Due to its large width, it protects almost the entire upper body. More information...

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Blank Heater Shield 70x46cm made of 1.2mm steel

  • Right-handed version (wearing the shield in the left hand)
  • Total length 70.5cm
  • Width 46cm
  • Wooden handle, length 13cm
  • Weight 2960 g
  • Sheet thickness 1.2mm
  • Edge pearl thickness approx. 4mm
  • Leather forearm strap 2.5cm wide and 4mm thick leather

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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