Gauntlet mittens with long cuffs, late Middle Ages

These late medieval gauntlets (mittens) are made in the grooved style characteristic of the High Middle Ages. They are equipped with long cuffs and thus offer protection not only for the hands but also for the forearms. Shapely sheet metal segments from metal thickness of 1.6mm fit well together and are easy to move. The straps across the wrist and forearm feature brass buckles for a secure fit on the hand. Thanks to two hand straps and a thumb loop, the gauntlets move synchronously with the hand. They come with a pair of leather gloves made of solid cowhide split leather. Your hands are so well protected from abrasions. More information...

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Gauntlet mittens with long cuffs, late Middle Ages

  • Delivery includes a pair of leather inner gloves
  • Total length approx. 46.5cm
  • Sheet thickness approx. 1.6mm (Gauge 16)
  • Weight of one mitten Approx. 1253 g
  • Attachment with internal leather straps 2cm wide and 4mm thick

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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