Medieval Leg Garter Belts 2pcs

This pair of medieval to renaissance Leg Garter Belts is made of sturdy buffalo leather and is equipped with brass buckles. These knee straps are attached just below the knee to secure stockings, overshoes, and pants so they don't slide down to the ankles. You can cut / punch holes in the knee straps so that the calf can be girded tightly. More information...

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Medieval Leg Garter Belts 2pcs

  • Length 76cm
  • Dimensions of the double-loop buckle 30.5 * 22.9mm
  • Width of the leather strap 14.1mm
  • Band thickness 3.5mm
  • Weight of 2 Leg Garter Belts 72 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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