Shield boss with four rivets and polished finish 16.5cm

A shield boss or umbo is a round, convex, or conical piece of material in the middle of a shield. Shield bosses are usually made of thick metal, but can also be made of wood. The Boss was originally designed to fend off blows from the center of round shields, although they also provided a place to attach the shield's handle. Over time, curved body heating shields became more popular and enarme replaced the bar handle, the boss became more of an ornament. More information...

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Shield boss with four rivets and polished finish 16.5cm

  • Weight approx. 420 g
  • Diameter 16.5cm
  • Height 6cm
  • Material thickness 1.5mm

Often times, bosses are absent on non-circular shields due to differences in technology; With a round shield you make a striking movement on an oncoming blow, while with a heated or dragon shield attacks are repelled by swinging the shield around the body. A boss offers a significant advantage in warding off blows during a punching movement, but is not very effective when a pivot is used to block an attack.

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