Antique Boat Light Anchor Lamp, Antique Marine Ship Lantern

This ship's lamp is a reproduction of the Light Anchor Lamp from a Victorian ship used to illuminate decks. Even before the ships were equipped with electricity, British sailors tied such lamps to the ropes and pulled them to the highest point of the main mast. The lower hinge was used to stabilize the lamp to prevent it from swaying too much. The white light of such a lantern signalled to other ships that the ship was at anchor. Such storm lights or ship lights were used on board sailing boats from the late 18th century to the second half of the 19th century. More information...

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Antique Boat Light Anchor Lamp, Antique Marine Ship Lantern

  • The lantern contains a lamp oil reservoir, a braided wick
  • This lantern is handmade from brass and glass
  • Total height incl. the anchor handles approx. 46.5cm
  • The lantern itself without handles is approximately 32cm high
  • Diameter at the bottom approx. 156mm
  • Diameter of the top metal cap with ventilation holes approx. 81.3mm
  • The upper metal cap can be open or secured with a hook on chain
  • Inside is suspended an oil lamp, wherein the length of the burning wick determines the brightness of the lantern light
  • Weight approx. 1974 g
  • Decorative ship lamp
  • Finish: polished

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