Retro sea ship lantern after an original from 1939

This replica is a relic from ancient times when kerosene or lamp oil shone on seaworthy cargo ships. This lantern is made of mild steel with patinated lacquered finish for an authentic look. The block body is provided with four glass panes. The top has a handle with a loop for tying or hanging the lantern. So that the lanterns do not stutter in the storm, the ground is provided with an anchorage too. More information...

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Retro sea ship lantern after an original from 1939

Thanks to the upper and lower bracket, the lantern can be attached to the rope and pulled out or lowered as needed.

The top of the lantern is perforated to dissipate flue gas and heat. The front contains a lock with a hook cap on the chain. Inside is a small oil lamp with adjustable wick length = flame size. In this lantern you can burn both kerosene and lamp oil. This functional replica looks great as a decoration in offices or other interiors. But she looks best on yachts or ships!

  • Total height incl. the anchor handles approx. 36cm
  • The lantern itself without handles is about 24.5cm high
  • The square floor plan is approx. 11 x 11cm
  • Material thickness of the anchor handles approx. 3.1mm
  • The upper metal cover with ventilation holes measures approx. 75.3mm in diameter
  • The upper metal cap can be open an closed and secured with a hook on chain
  • Weight approx. 854 g
  • Material: mild steel and glass

Instructions on how to use this Retro sea ship lantern

  1. This replica of a historic naval lantern is fully functional. In order to shine with the lamp, you must pour kerosene or lamp oil into it. To do this, follow these steps:
  2. Open the top lid and pull out the small oil container located at the bottom of the lamp with the wick protruding. This metal canister is soldered to the locking wire. The ends of this wire are terminated with rings. Pull up both rings to remove the canister from the lamp body.
  3. Open the oil canister cap by unscrewing its screw cap anti-clockwise.
  4. After unscrewing, pour the lamp oil or kerosene to below the top edge so that the fuel does not overflow. Then screw on the screw cover with the wick again and let the fuel rise for about 2 minutes so that the wick absorbs enough up to the top edge.
  5. Light the soaked wick and use a wheel on the side of the canister to scrape the flame to keep the flame from smoking and allow it to flare up for about 2 minutes (the flame tends to get bigger). Then trim the wick again so that a smaller flame burns to suit your needs. The flame should ideally be around 20-25mm high.
  6. Carefully slide the canister with the locking wire back into the lamp and close the lamp top cover.

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