Leather Back Scabbard / Baldric for Claymore / Longswords

In the traditional over the shoulder style this back scabbard/ baldric allows for you to carry your sword on your back with a short end scabbard section making it both easy to draw and secure on your back. More information...

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Colour: brown, Belt length: 160 cm
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Leather Back Scabbard / Baldric for Claymore / Longswords

The end section for the scabbard can be adjusted to make the scabbard suitable for a range of different length swords with blade lengths approx. 88-122cm long.

  • For an oblique circumference of approximately 120 to 156cm
  • In the back straps, a metal fork is incorporated
  • From the fork to the tip remain approx. 83-115cm for the blade
  • The sword that we photographed with the Baldric represented the maximum length allowed for this Baldric.
  • Only in the variant for right-handers
  • Max. Blade width of the sheath about 62mm
  • The sheath is fixed with 2 belts with brass buckles
  • Dimensions of the buckle approx. 31 x 23mm
  • The belts are approx. 16.5mm wide
  • The leather strap is approx. 75.3mm wide and approx. 2.8mm thick
  • The tapered strap which is threaded through a buckle at the front, is approx. 42.6mm wide and approx. 3.4mm thick
  • The brass buckle at the front measures approx. 62.8 x 72.23mm
  • The metal part of the fork is approx. 70mm long
  • The distance from the sheath is about 38mm
  • The distance between the fork fingers approx. 55mm
  • Weight approx. 1325 g

Your belt is to pull through the loop of the narrow strap with buckle at the front. This prevents the back scabbard from sliding down the back due to the heavy weight of a Claymore sword.

The over the shoulder baldric section is made from a thick leather with adjustable straps to make it suitable to be worn by varying sizes of people.

This one extra strap is to stabilize big swords and prevent the sword to slowly slide and slide until ending up almost horizontal under your left arms. The strap should be buckled around the belt as depicted on the main photo.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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