Gjermundbu Viking Helm antiqued


This helmet is a reproduction of an extant dark ages helm that was found in 1943 at Gjermundbu in the municipality of Ringerike in Buskerud, Norway. The Gjermundbu gravesite contained many artifacts which in the 10th century would have been of great value including a sword and mail armour, archery and horse riding equipment. The grave was therefor most likely that of a person of significant wealth and influence. More information...

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Gjermundbu Viking Helm with antiqued finish

  • Made of about 2mm thick steel
  • The outer circumference of the helmet is about 66cm
  • The helmet bowl consists of two halves welded together
  • The outer spangen (metal strips) on the helmet bowl are about 15mm wide
  • The glasses are made of about 2.5mm thick material
  • The glasses with nasal consist of two parts riveted together
  • Total height about 35cm including the top spike
  • The top spike on the helmet bowl is about 4cm long
  • The helmet is sprayed with black paint on the inside against corrosion
  • Inside a high-quality adjustable leather liner
  • The helmet is equipped with a chin strap with brass buckle
  • The aventail consists of not riveted round rings
  • Inner ring diameter of the rings approx. 10mm
  • Material thickness of the rings approx. 1.4mm
  • The Helmet aventail is about 20cm long
  • Weight approx. 3658 g

The Gjermundbu helm is the often described as the only complete helm from the Viking period and is also the only helmet from that era found in Scandinavia. The grave site is estimated to be from late 10th century, approximately 970. However, there is some speculation that the helmet may have been an heirloom item from an earlier period before 970.

The helmet has evidence of weapon damage and was most likely used in battle. It is now on display at the Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo.

This reproduction helm includes a not riveted chainmail aventail which is attached to the base of the helm. The helm has an antique finish and a circumference of 68cm which enables the wearer to also fit a suitable padded coif or cap.

This helmet includes a riveted quality leather lining suspension and chinstrap with solid brass buckle that can be adjusted to better fit the wearer. The interior of the helm is also blackened to improve corrosion resistance.

Suitable for a 10th to 11th century Eastern European, Rus, Varangian or Viking persona at your next reenactment, LARP, SCA or Living history event.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

5-Apr 2022
Jiří Tomala
verified review
Helma je na pohled krásná, provedení kovu je uspokojivé, nicméně vystýlka má ke kvalitě daleko. Drží jen na čtyřech nýtech a lepidle, při první zkoušce - rána dřevěným mečem se utrhla. Po nějakém čase jsem helmu vzal na milost, vystýlku vyhodil a nahradil prošívanou kuklou. Přes první zklamání se dá říct, že helma je použitelná.

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