Brass Skull Decoration


This 76mm by 76mm pirate skull decoration is made from brass and can be attached to a range of clothing, bags or hats to give a distinct pirate look to the clothing. More information...

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Brass Skull Decoration

  • Overall dimensions approx. 80.42 x 76.6mm
  • Thickness approx. 12.8mm; including the skull nose approx. 16.5mm
  • On the back there are 4 shanks for riveting with ø approx. 3.5mm and length approx. 10mm
  • Weight approx. 162 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

This brass decoration has integrated rivets / shanks on the back. To attach it to leather, you need:

How to attach the Brass Skull Decoration

Punch holes into the leather on an appropriate position. The diameter of the holes must be approximately equal to the diameter of the rivet shanks on the back of the fitting. Put the fitting on the leather and poke the shafts through the leather. Place the washers on the rivets / shanks and shorten them so that they stick-out about 2-3mm. Now hammer the shaft ends with the hammer. Do not lay the fitting on any hard material. Optimal is leather, soft wood or a thick solid fabric. So you will prevent damaging the front of the fitting. It is better to hammer with less force, but with more strokes. With hammering, the shaft ends become thicker – kind of hats are formed there so that the washers can no longer be removed from the shafts. The fitting is now fixed on the leather.

10-Jul 2019
Philipp Borgartz
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Seh netter Suport, die Erklärung wie der beschlag befestigt wird steht hier seit ich es erfragen musste weil ich es mir nicht vorstellen konnte, man war sehr freundlich und geduldig mit mir. Ich habe den Beschlag auf einem Hut angebracht doch hätte nicht gedacht wie schwer 162g sind.

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