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Full suit of German armor, early 16th cen.

This is a fully functional replica of a German knight's armor, dated early 16th century, from the workshop of our best armorer. All parts are hand-hammered from carbon steel sheet. During production is also welded and riveted. The inner surfaces of each armor part are sprayed with black paint. The outside finish is brushed and can be polished if desired.

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Full suit of German armor, early 16th century

The head is protected by an armet helmet with open cheek flaps and a two-piece flap-up visor. The back of the helmet is equipped with an ostrich feather holder. The visor has several air holes and two narrow slits allowing a limited view. A narrow vertex crest, which extends from the forehead to the back of the head, protrudes from the round helmet bowl. The helmet is connected to the gorget sliding on three hoop lames. This ensures a perfect head and neck protection.

The cuirass consists of a front plate with slightly shaped goose belly and an anatomically embossed back plate, to which two leather straps are riveted, which are to be connected at the front with a metal buckle. The two plates of the cuirass are kept together this way. The chest plate then merges into a matching skirt of three articulated lames, the lowest lame has a semi-circular, turned and roped opening for the codpiece. The neckline edge is turned under and roped. Two tassets, each of four lames and with roped edges are hung on the skirt at the front.

Two vertical neck guards are riveted onto the spaulders. The pauldrons edges are lined with a row of decorative rivets. The closed rerebrace sliding on four lames are connected to the pauldrons by pin connections, which are to be fastened with straps and buckles. Couters with pointed elbows are also closed. The armour arms are terminated by short, hinged vambraces, the edges of which are bent and roped.

The hands are protected by mitten gauntlets with backs of five lames, leather-supported finger elements and hinged thumb plates. Their cuffs are lined with rows of decorative rivets.

The cuisses and knee cops on four lames with large side wings are open from behind. The hinged greaves with calf pieces and sabatons on nine lames protect the knight's feet.

Used materials

  • The helmet is lined with pure cotton fabric
  • The belts and leather straps are made of genuine cowhide
  • The metal parts are hand-hammered from 1.5 or 2.0mm thick sheet of DIN 50 049 steel 

This Full suit of German armor will be made to measure to your exact size. To submit us your measurements, please use the following measurement chart.

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    Conrad Drewes
    (Review not verified)

    This set blows Italian 3/4s armor out of the water. No competition

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