Chinese Weapons

Enter the world of Chinese weapons at Outfit4Events in which tradition and craftsmanship meet! The Chinese weapons category is a paradise for all fans of martial arts as well as collectors who want to explore the charm and diversity of Chinese traditional martial arts! We offer a variety of weapons, including elegant tai-chi swords, kung-fu weapons, and traditional Chinese swords.

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Chinese Weapons

Tai-chi swords are ideal for those practicing the elegant martial art of Tai Chi that is focused on flow of movements and inner harmony. Kung-fu weapons appeal to those who practice more energetic martial art styles and want to expand their fighting techniques. Chinese swords, with their rich history and variety of designs, are a great choice for anyone who admires true swordsmanship.

In addition to Chinese weapons, we also offer samurai swords, or katanas, which were considered extensions of the soul and spirit of Japanese warriors, and ninja weapons, essential tools for those interested in the mysterious art of ninjutsu. Our products can be used for training and reenactments, but also as decorations or parts of various collections.

Explore our diverse portfolio and find the right weapon that will help you with your martial arts training, or beautifully extend your collection of historical items! At Outfit4Events, we carefully select each product to make sure you get the very best from the world of Chinese and Asian weapons.