Martial Arts Weapons for Kung Fu, Kendo, etc.

Kung Fu is a traditional martial art from ancient China. In this sport above all continued martial artists use various weapons such as sabers, fans and swords. The lance or spear is considered a "royal weapon" in Kung Fu. Kendo is a martial art from Japan that is characterized by use of a classic sword or a wooden sword.

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Martial Arts Weapons for Kung Fu, Kendo, etc.

Kung Fu swords come from ancient China. They were about 70 to 100 cm long. Swords were part of the history and heritage of every family, and fathers handed them over to their sons. Legend has it that the owner of a sword had a huge power. Chinese nobles and officials always had their swords with them.

From our offer you can choose Kung Fu Swords that are suitable for your training, but also an elegant Dao Saber, which is used in the traditional Chinese martial arts Wushu. Next you will find the Dadao swords, with which the Chinese army fought against Japanese. The yari spears we have in our offer used samurai fighters in feudal Japan on the battlefield. Another weapon of the samurai was the naginata. Wooden sticks or rods are light, fast weapons that are inseparable from some Asian martial arts. You should get a rod that is similarly high as you.

You can also take inspiration from our categories of samurai swords or Tai Chi swords.