Tai Chi swords

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that promotes good mental and physical health. By doing tai chi exercise you can relax and take your mind off things. Tai chi exercises use various items such as fans, sabers, two short sticks and swords. Man Tai Chi Swords for sale are available at Outfit4Events.

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Tai Chi: The Art of Mastering Mind-Body Balance
Tai Chi: The Art of Mastering Mind-Body Balance
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Discover the world of Tai Chi, an ancient martial art and workout for both body and mind. We present to you an interesting guide to its mysteries. Explore the history and benefits of Tai Chi, and begin your own journey to harmony and strength!

Tai Chi swords

The blade of Tai Chi swords is usually made of stainless steel. Their flexibility and lightness allow optimal training. The sword blade is usually protected with a wooden sheath. Sheaths of Tai Chi Swords are often decorated with shiny hardware. There is usually a string attached with tassel at the grip. It does not only serves as a decoration, but it is also believed to generate positive energy while practicing Tai Chi. Moreover, one can see from movements of the tassel, whether the exercise with the Tai Chi sword is performed properly.

When choosing your sword, you should take into account for your body height. Your body constitution and musculature also play a role. Women usually need a shorter sword than men.

You can also find Tai Chi swords with telescopic blades in our assortment, which are suitable and practical for carrying along on the trips. With one swing, you can disassemble your telescopic sword and fold it up again by pulling it against a harder surface. Some swords from our offer have blades with blunted edges. These are designed for beginning Tai Chi fighters. You can decorate your weapon with a typical sword tassel, which we also offer separately.