Practical Tai-Chi Sword


The Practical Taiji (Tai Chi) series from Hanwei has been developed in response to many requests for a quality Taiji sword for everyday practice. This series features three blade lengths to suit the individual requirements of the Taiji practitioner. Featuring a steel guard and pommel the swords are correctly balanced and the the un-edged blades are crafted in fully tempered high-carbon steel. The flattened-diamond blade section produces a blade that is moderately stiff, while still allowing for some flexibility. More information...

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Blade length: 76 cm / 30 inch
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Blade length: 81 cm / 32 inch
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Practical Tai-Chi Sword

Premium quality made by Hanwei (Paul Chen).

Key features:

  • Designed for Tai Chi practitioners
  • Fully tempered high-carbon steel blade
  • Scabbard included


  • Overall length: approx. 97,8 ; 92,7; 87,6cm
  • Blade length: approx. 81,3; 76,2; 71,1cm (32, 30 and 28 inch)
  • Handle length: approx. 16.5cm
  • Weight: approx. 624 g ; 595 g ; 539 g
  • Point of Balance: approx. 10.16cm
  • Blade Width at Guard: approx. 2.8cm
  • Width at Tip: approx. 1.9cm
  • Blade Thickness at Guard: approx. 5.3mm
  • Thickness at Tip: approx. 2.8mm
  • Blade Steel: 1566
  • The blade is blunted at the hilt (thickness of the cutting edge ca 1mm)
  • The blade at the tip is sharp (thickness of the blade Ca 0.1mm)
  • Supplied with pommel, parry, handle, blade and scabbard

Specifications may slightly vary from piece to piece.

How to choose the right length of Tai Chi Sword

Select the size of the Tai Chi Sword according to your height. For example, the shortest 71cm (28 inch) blade is suitable for men up to 169cm tall. The size of the tai-chi sword grows 2 inches every 10cm of body size.

  • 28 inches ... up to about 169cm (5′ 6.5″)
  • 30 inches ... from about 170-179cm (5′ 7″ to 5′ 10.5″)
  • 32 inches ... from about 180cm (5′ 10.9″)

The appropriate length depends on individual body type, musculature and gender. Women should choose one size smaller.

If you want to be sure that you have chosen the correct length of the Tai-Chi Sword, we will tell you a little trick. Hold the sword in Tai Chi initial posture and place its blade on the back of your arm as close as possible. The tip of the sword blade should ideally reach the top edge of your ear with tolerance +/- 1cm (1/2″).

26-Sep 2021
Dušan Gabriš
verified review
Velmi krásný Tai chi meč. Krásně se drží a na cvičení je super.
28-Aug 2021
Dušan Gabriš
verified review
Velice krásně provedený Tai chi meč. Dobře se drží a cvičí. Jsem velice spokojený.

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