Historical Combat Daggers

Slim, fast and light. Ideal for very quick strikes against an enemy with or without armour. Combat daggers were often a tool used in an insidious attack from behind, as well as a last resort after the loss of all other armour. You'll find various historical daggers in this category made of quality steel and with perfect workmanship. Daggers in history were used for stabbing and cutting, and some replicas are even sharpened, so choose carefully.

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History of the Dagger: From Flint Tool to Weapon
History of the Dagger: From Flint Tool to Weapon
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Daggers are one of the oldest tools used by man. They evolved from primitive fist wedges made of flint as early as the Palaeolithic, and as people eventually began to use metals and developed daggers, what was once a tool now played a significant…