Renaissance Dagger with Leather Sheath, Practical Blunt, class D

This handsome thrusting weapon comes complete with a sturdy (approx. 3mm thick), neatly stitched sheath made of brown, vegetable-tanned leather and equipped with a belt loop. The blade's blunt, 1.5mm / 2mm thick edges and rounded tip make this left-hand dagger ideal for light combat Reenactment, stage fighting or sparring. Of course, it is also perfectly suited as a collectible, decoration/display piece or prop, e.g. to complete your costume. More information...

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Renaissance Dagger with Leather Sheath, Practical Blunt, class D

Primarily carried as a companion sidearm, the parrying dagger enjoyed great popularity at the end of the late Middle Ages and especially during the Renaissance. Wielded in the left hand (hence also known as a main gauche – French for "left hand"), it was usually brought into play in conjunction with a primary weapon – sword or rapier – for a two-handed fighting style. With its prominent guard, which offered protection to the off-hand and appeared in many variations (straight, S-shaped, downturned, sometimes equipped with an additional ring or shell), this secondary weapon was essentially of a defensive nature, devised to parry, deflect, block or trap enemy blades in close-quarters combat. However, it was also effective in the offence and quite capable of stabbing an opponent. Besides, artfully crafted and richly ornamented daggers were also used as a fashionable display of wealth by knights and well-to-do townsmen, who ostentatiously carried them as a status symbol.

Although the good value, battle-ready dagger we offer here is not an exact replica of an actual historical example, if features the typical characteristics of a traditional Renaissance parrying dagger. The unsharpened full-tang blade made of EN45 spring steel was hardened, tempered to a Rockwell hardness of approx. 48 HRC, and is (invisibly) threaded to the pommel. It has a broad central fuller that ends about halfway down its length. The hilt is composed of a four-sided wooden core grip overlaid with black leather and framed by a scent-stopper pommel and a sturdy, approx. 12cm wide cross guard, both made of steel. The guard's quillons curve towards the blade and terminate with tapered, conical finials.


  • Battle-ready Sword Class: D
  • Blade material: EN45 spring steel (high carbon steel, not stainless), hardened and tempered
  • Rockwell hardness: approx. 48 HRC
  • Handle material: leather-bound wood, steel pommel and guard
  • Overall length: approx. 43cm
  • Blade length: approx. 28cm
  • Hilt length: approx. 15cm (grip approx. 10cm)
  • Blade width at guard: approx. 3.2cm
  • Blade thickness: approx. 3.8mm / 3.5mm (cutting edges approx. 1.5 to 2mm)
  • Point of balance: approx. 2cm from the guard
  • Incl. genuine leather sheath with belt loop
  • Weight without sheath: approx. 490 g
  • Weight with sheath: approx. 550 g

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

The steel used here is not rust-proof and might show slight surface tarnishing in places. We recommend you to maintain the blade on a regular basis, for example using Ballistol Universal Oil, which is ideally suited for steel care.

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