Samurai helmets

Samurai, the famous Japanese fighters, got ready for combats and battles with armor (Yoroi), which you can also find in our offer. The samurai's clothing also included hats and helmets.

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Samurai helmets

When the samurai went into battle, they shaved their heads. Their heavy helmet was impermeable and that way they lowered the feeling of heat and sweating. Remaining hair flowed down to her shoulder. Otherwise, they made a hair bun out of their hair on the back of the head. The typical samurai helmet was called kabuto. It's generally about a big, decorated helmet. The forehead with the vertex was protected by a reinforced central part; the face of the samurai was covered by the mask mempō. Samurai also wore a low, flat hat Eboschi, which they fastened with a lace under the chin.

With us you can have a leather samurai helmet made to measure. But you can also order an already finished helmet or straight the whole armor. Some Samurai helmets come with a wooden stand, so you can exhibit it right away. These are not mere decorations. All armor pieces from our assortment can also be worn and worn.

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