Landsknecht shoes

Are you interested in the Renaissance period? Are you interested in a specific fashion of Landsknechte? The Landsknechte were soldiers who served their country and their ruler. They were dressed in multi-coloured clothes. It is disputable whether their troops were useful in battles. But their clothes always attracted attention in any case. Also Cow-Mouth shoes can be found in our e-shop. They are inspired just by the Landsknecht shoes.

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Landsknecht shoes

Landsknecht shoes, Cow-Mouth shoes, Duck’s Bill shoes

You will not be surprised that also Cow-Mouth shoes can be found in our e-shop. They will be tailored according to this measurement chart. Our shoemaker makes them in high-quality, with a love for history and craft.

Renaissance shoes often had broad and flat points. Therefore, they were called as Cow-Mouth shoes. Sometimes they are called also Bear's Claw shoes. These shoes are typical footwear of early modern times (16th century). Cow-Mouth shoes were developed from so called Duck’s Bill shoes. And Duck’s Bill shoes were developed from Poulaines (the pointed shoes). Cow-Mouth shoes have broad soles, are high not even one inch on the sides and at the back. They have typical slits at the front.

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