Ancient Costumes

Are you interested in history? Are you fascinated by ancient Greece and ancient Rome? Do you like the style of dressing of ancient men? Do you want to go to the carnival in costume gladiator? Take a look at our range of beautiful ancient clothing gentlemen and be inspired by ancient times.

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Ancient Costumes

You will find costumes inspired by ancient menswear in the category Ancient Clothing. These costumes are precisely sewn and made in detail.

Antiquity is a specific period in history. This period refers to the Graeco-Roman phase of ancient times. The origins of Greek civilization and the first written records of Homer's poetry are taken for the beginning of antiquity. The period of ancient Greece began around the year 800 BC and ended with the boom of Christianity. A great development of the educational system, politics, philosophy, science, art and language occurred in this period. Period of civilization of ancient Rome began around the 8th century BC and lasted until 6th century A.D. The empire boomed under the reign of the Emperor Trajan who ruled over most of the countries of the then world.

Human body was considered an image of perfection in period of antiquity. "No cut" was a typical characteristic of ancient clothing. Ancient clothes hung loosely along a body. Weavers supplied dresses as pieces of fabrics. Then the clothes were adjusted using knots, clips and cords at home. Most of the people wore one clothes in all situations. Women and men wore a coat over their clothes. The coat was composed of one piece of fabric and buckle.

Our range of Ancient Clothing Gentlemen is very large. Men's and ladies' clothes are contained there. We offer various types of men's Roman tunics, leather briefs, Gladiator trousers or even Gladiator tunic. Take a look at our other costumes from different historical periods, such as medieval costumes, Renaissance costumes or baroque costumes.