Wide leather belt for Barbarians, Vikings, Celts, etc.

This beautiful, approx. 14 / 15 cm wide waist belt / kidney belt crafted from quality leather is adorned with embossed knot patterns and lined with laced leather strings. More information...

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Wide leather belt for Barbarians, Vikings, Celts, etc.

It is composed of two smaller belts slipped through a broader strap, with two square, single-pronged brass buckles for proper fastening. This particular, sturdy design does not only ensures a secure fit, but also allows you to accommodate all sorts of weapon holders, bags or the like.

The belt is ideal for a wide variety of settings and characters, e.g. barbarians, norsemen, celts, etc.

  • Material: leather (cowhide) and brass
  • Colour: brown (also available in black)
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL
Size Length (approx.) Width (approx.) Weight (approx.)
S 100 cm 14 cm 710 g
M 110 cm 14 cm 740 g
L 120 cm 14,5 cm 860 g
XL 130 cm 15 cm 1 030 g

The Copenhagen-based producer Epic Armoury supplies customers worldwide with LARP kit of all kind and highest quality! Foam weapons, a rich variety of garments, armours and excellent leatherworks are waiting for you. Whether arm or leg braces, sword belts and -sheats, holders, gloves, hats or quivers: Epic Armoury leather products are durable, comfortable and convincing through their well thought out and appealing design.

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