Men's Baroque Clothing

The Baroque was a style in the 18th century, but it is still very much in demand for costumes. Especially when disguises are to be designed by elaborate women's dresses or flowing curly wig for men, this era is ideal. Baroque dresses are also to be found in our category Baroque fashion and Rococo, both ladies and gentlemen can style themselves stylishly. Carnival or stage performance? With our costumes and accessories in the style of this time, they will be able to appear dressed to the theme there and attract the admiring glances of the other guests. We also offer matching Baroque wigs, without which the most beautiful outfit would not look real.

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Order a Custom-Tailored Costume from Outfit4Events. Here is How!
Order a Custom-Tailored Costume from Outfit4Events. Here is How!
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Men's Baroque Clothing

Pale ladies and handsome men in baroque costume

You do not have to dress like the Sun King Louis XIV, but some of our Baroque dresses are very similar to the outfits of the time. During this time, people have conjured up a noble pallor with powder. Had they been able to take a look at our articles, the powder would have been superfluous. You can easily order outfits that will make anybody envy pale! We present you Baroque fashion, which is at once chic and sexy, like the costume of the sexy lady from Versailles. Even if the "Venetian Count" comes from another city, he fits perfectly with his elegant cape and the chic tricorne hat to the French lady from the Baroque period. The Empress's outfit looks a bit more chaste, which really looks majestic in her long and chic dress. Choose this costume and one of our baroque wigs and look forward to a completely new party feeling. Of course, the matching accessories are in stock, a look in the range "accessories" says which.