Indispensable Pocket Knife

Indispensable Pocket Knife
Whether you need to brush off the dirt from your freshly picked up mushrooms, cut a rope or defend yourself against wild animals, pocket knife is your best friend in the woods. And a Swiss Army knife can do even more! Before you put on your hiking boots, close your packed rucksack and and head out into the wilderness, make sure you didn’t leave your pocket knife behind! It will be a good companion on your adventures.

Why a Pocket Knife?

As soon as you type pocket knife into Google, you might get overwhelmed by the vast selection - full metal, folding, single-bladed, multi-bladed, multi-tooled and many more. We'll help you choose the right one! 

So here is our first advice. Do not choose a pocket knife by its looks, that is, unless you are buying one to impress a friend or a lady. If that is the case, however, feel free to get a modern knife or an elegant knife.First of all, ask yourself what you need the pocket knife for. 

Do you like picking mushrooms in the forest? You might want to buy a mushroom knife. Are you going to roast sausages on a stick over a campfire? Then you should go for a Swiss Army knife. You can use it for cutting a branch, preparing the sausage, or removing chunks of meat stuck on your teeth. 

If you are going to spend several days in the wilderness, camping, you might prefer a camping knife. For passionate hunters, we recommend a karambit folding knife or a fixed blade knife.

Cut Down a Tree, Carry in Your Pocket

We can distinguish two main categories of pocket knives:

  • Fixed blade knives
  • Folding knives 

Fixed-blade pocket knives are generally stronger. You can cut down a small tree with them, or use for various tasks necessary for survival in the wilderness.  Because you cannot fold them and put them into your pocket, you might need to carry them in the bag, or in a belt pouch

Folding pocket knives, on the other hand, are easy to fold, hide and carry around in your pockets. Folding knives are practical tools to use at home as well as outdoors. 

If you need a small knife to carry around at all times, for example on your keychain, you might want to have a look at miniature knives.

Short or Long?

Another thing to consider is the length of the blade. 

machete knife with a 25-cm-long blade can easily cut your way through the jungle. But it might be unpractical and hard to carry around. If you go out camping, a 10 to 12 cm long blade will be sufficient. 

Knives with blades shorter than 10 cm are light-weight and practical. Moreover, a multi-purpose knife with a blade under 6 cm will pass the security check at the airport. 

Another factor to consider when choosing a knife is the type of the blade edge. Plain blades are perfect for removing dirt from mushrooms or cutting a snack, serrated blades (saw-like with “teeth”) are suitable for cutting a rope or a branch. Some knives have serrated and plain combo edges that have the advantage of both blade types.

What Are Pocket Knives Made of? 


Blades are generally made of stainless steel. The advantages of stainless steel include low price and perfect resistance to corrosion. 

If a knife is left in the wet environment for too long, it can start corroding. So always choose a knife made of stainless steel. Another advantage of stainless steel is that it is easy to sharpen, and it doesn’t mind occasional rough handling. 

Another suitable material is carbon steel. It is perfectly sharp and durable. But if you don’t take a good care of it, it will rust quickly. So make sure to always wipe the blade clean of any liquid residue or acid substances. If you apply a bit of oil on the blade, it will last for years. 

Knife handles and grips

If you can’t try your knife out before buying, make sure to go for knives with simple-shaped handles. Special finger holes and shape upgrades are not one-size-fits-all, and they may end up being a nuisance. 

Our customers prefer pocket knives with wooden grip. Wood has both a natural and elegant look. Simple mushroom knives sometimes have a plastic handle, hunting knives have a handle made of deer antler. If you are looking for durability, check out knife handles lined with Micarta - a resin-based material made of composites of linen.

Do You Know Karambit? Get to know the types of pocket knives 

Folding knives

Folding knives are an evergreen. You can easily fold the blade and hide it into the knife handle using both hands. The mechanics of the knife prevents the blade from unfolding by an accident, so you don’t have to worry about safety. Folding knives are great companions for travelling as well as outdoor adventures. 

Hunting knives

Do you have a hunting license? Then what you might need is a new hunting knife

A hunting knife has only one sharp edge and a slightly curved blade. It is suitable for “finishing off” a shot deer, but less suitable for preparing the game to be used as food. 

Swiss knives

Swiss knives are arguably the most practical things ever. Within a few seconds, you can “unfold” a short blade or a long blade, can opener, scissors, tiny saw or a tiny file. Swiss Army Knives come in many variations, and the range of their tools and tool combinations is literally endless. 

Why are Swiss knives called Victorinox?

Victorinox is a combination of two words: Victoria, the name of the mother of Karl Elsener, the founder of the company, and inox, the French abbreviated term for stainless steel.

Mushroom knives

Mushroom knives tend to be smaller and with curved blades, which make them suitable for removing dirt from mushrooms. Mushroom knives also come with various practical gadgets - a brush to dust off the dirt, a carabiner, a case or a ruler in case you need to measure the size of your find. 

Damascus knives

Damascus knives are reliable tools with high durability. Damascus steel is produced by the technique called “pattern welding”, resulting in a “pattern” of thousands of layers, and making the steel resilient, strong and with a unique pattern on the surface. 

If you want to read more about Damascus steel, check out our article on it! 

Karambit knives

Karambit knives are known for their characteristic shape. Karambits have a curved handle, typically with at least one safety ring, that ensures secure grip and prevents the blade from slipping and cutting your hand. 

Karambit knives are popular among fishers, hunters, tourists, but also warehouse workers who use them for opening packages. 

Camping knives

Spending a lot of time outdoors? If you get hungry out there, try cooking a meal in the middle of nature. Whether you will go for roasting a sausage, or try cooking a stew in a pot, you will be infinitely grateful for a camping knife in your pocket. Camping knives are practical not only for preparing food, but also for eating food. 

A perfect gift from father to son

Nothing brings a father and son closer than a shared adventure in the wilderness! It is guaranteed that you'll never forget your time together. If you are a father and you want to make your time out there more memorable, you can get a pocket knife as a gift to your son.For the young lot, we have special category of knives for youngsters. If your son (or sons) is older, they will appreciate one of our folding knives for more experienced hikers.

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