Karambit folding knives

Karambit Knife has a curved or hooked blade reminiscent of the Crescent Moon. Their form was supposed to be from the tiger claw. The handle of the Karambit knife is ergonomically shaped and has at least one round opening. This construction works similarly as a pair of scissors: it fixes the fingers and prevents them from sliding out onto the blade and thus the injury. This can be appreciated when working in the frost or rain.

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Karambit, for Self-Defense or Peeling Fruit
Karambit, for Self-Defense or Peeling Fruit
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A stealth pocketknife called Karambit has roots in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It originally served as a pocketknife for locals, similar to the folding knife of the Swiss type in Europe. This extraordinary hand tool can be found as…
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Karambit folding knives

Karambit is an effective knife that can serve a variety of purposes. It is native to Indonesia, where people have been working with it in the field since the 11th century. Karambit knives spread from Indonesia to all of southeastern Asia, mainly to Malaysia and the Philippines.

Karambit knives represent an important tool in self-defense. The Karambit knife fighter can namely - because of the knife shape - not get disarmed quickly. It used to serve as a reserve knife if the fighter lost his weapons. This knife is also used when training various martial arts.

Karambit knives are prized for their precise cut and heavy-duty sharp edge. In addition, they can serve different purposes. You can use them when working in the garden, hunting or fishing. They are a nice gift for every lover of nature and hiking.