Swiss knives

Every adventurer's equipment should include the legendary Victorinox Swiss knife with the white cross logo. In addition to the usual tools, a knife blade, screwdriver or corkscrew, the knife can have up to 30 other functions on some models, such as a tiny wood saw, scissors or pliers. The Swiss Army knife tools can be put to numerous uses, and they can be combined in various ways. Available features and models include a knife case or a Swiss Army knife for children. Die-hard fans will also appreciate the military version of the Swiss Army Knife.

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9 Eyebrow-Raising Facts About Swiss Knives
9 Eyebrow-Raising Facts About Swiss Knives
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Swiss knives are originally from Switzerland, as the name suggests. They usually have a can opener, among other things. The handle is traditionally red with a white cross. But you probably know all this already. There are, however, some facts that…
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