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Measurement chart for our custom historical costumes and clothing

For the best fit you should measure yourself on your bare skin or underwear, not over clothes! Not all measurements are necessary for all types of clothing. Try to choose only the relevant ones. If in doubt please fill in. More is better than less. It is best to use a cloth or a tailor measuring tape and it's easier if you have someone assist you. The measuring tape should be snug to the body, but do not draw it too tight.

Length in cm How to take measure what to measure
8A Body height: upright posture, standing on a solid ground.
8B Head circumference across the forehead: across forehead and back of the head. If you are going to wear a wig, measure including it, or add 2cm (4/5 inch)
8C Neck circumference: across lower part underneath the Adam's apple.
8D Chest circumference (breath in): in front across the nipples, under arms, in the back a little higher (approx. 5cm / 2inches above the front level).
8E Waist circumference: (approx. 6-8cm / 2-3” above the front hip bone); When oversize, please note your maximal circumference across your belly.
8F Circumference across hip bones: approx. 6-8cm / 2-3” below the navel.
8G Thigh circumference: flexed muscle across the widest part.
8H Knee circumference: across slightly bent knee joint.
8I Calf circumference: across flexed calf muscle.
8J Ankle circumference: across the joint.
8K Inner leg length: from crotch to the bottom; standing astride.
8L Requested length of the trousers/skirt: from waistline to the trousers/skirt lower edge. If you are going to wear heel shoes, put on these shoes before measuring!
8M Upper arm circumference: across flexed biceps at bent arm.
8N Elbow circumference: at slightly bent arm.
8P Wrist circumference: across the joint.
8Q Shoulder length: from the highest shoulder area (at neck) to the centre of the shoulder joint.
8R Arm length: measure from the shoulder´s outside at slightly bent arm over the elbow joint to the wrist.
8S Frontal chest breadth: from one armpit across chest to the other armpit.
8T Front torso length: from the hollow between collarbones, between breasts down to the waistline.
8U Chest height: from the highest shoulder edge at the neck down to the nipple.
8V Back length: from lowest neck vertebra down to the waistline.
8W Rear back breadth: from one armpit across shoulder blades to the other armpit.
8X Requested length of the costume: from lowest neck vertebra down to the lower edge of the costume (coat, dress, jacket, ... ) If you are going to wear heel shoes, put on these shoes before measuring!
8Y Seat depth: sitting on a solid chair / bench, measure from the waistline down to the sitting level.
8Z Side length of the torso: sitting on a solid chair / bench, measure from the armpit to the waistline, upright position.

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