DIY Cold Blackening Fluid


An improved formula both for experts and non-professionals. With KLEVER-"Schnellbrünierung", you can give steel (not exceeding a chromium content of 3%) and iron a flawless browning. Whether to refinish a worn blackening on handguns or long firearms, to brown entire weapons or armours, or to blacken small parts in trade and industry: KLEVER cold blackening fluid spares you tedious burnishing bathes and saves time and money. The 50ml bottle weighs approx. 72 g. More information...

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Ballistol DIY Cold Blackening Fluid, 50/1000ml bottle

Important note: This burnishing can only be used on steel up to 3.5% chrome!

How many square inches covers the 50ml Cold Blackening Fluid?

The area to be treated depends mainly on how thick the layer of the Blackening Fluid you apply. In general, a 50ml bottle is sufficient for a bascinet type helmet.


The surface to be blackened should be carefully degreased (e.g. with Robla cold degreaser). Then apply KLEVER cold browning with a brush. Let it work for about 3 to 30 Minutes, until a yellowish-white film has formed. Now rinse it thoroughly with water (using a brush), dab the surface dry with a soft cloth or a paper towel and spray with BALLISTOL or GUNEX for protection.


  1. Noxious
  2. Environmentally hazardous

Practical experience

Our suits-of-armor are blackened with this Blackening Fluid. The master armorer says it is the best agent he has worked with throughout his career. The surface has to be degreased perfectly and for the best result it is recommended to apply the Blackening Fluid twice. The result is a purely black color. When blackening larger surfaces, he could observe slightly bluish tinge once. When applied on glossy surfaces, the gleam is retained. This Blackening creates an impermeable layer, which perfectly protects the metal against corrosion. Practical experiences are very positive in our workshop and we can recommend this German product with pleasure.

General information on Blackening

The blackening is also described as bronzing. It is a process of coloring of steel products, so that they get an attractive black color which also provides in part the protection against corrosion (especially of hunting firearms). A thin black or blue-black-color oxide is developed during the blackening.

For a perfect oxide coating, it is important that the surface is well processed. The finer processed the surface is, the brighter and better the resultant effect is. The items to be blackened should have clean surface without rust and scales. The blackening oxide copies the inequality of the surface such as scratches, cracks, local roughness, etc. If you want a glossy coating, polish the metal parts mechanically before blackening. In order to achieve a matte finish, roughen the metal surface first.

12-Aug 2023
Jakub Kuchař
verified review
Luxusně funguje, místní postup je trošku mimo Látka reaguje okamžitě, do 3 minut je hotovo a tekutina se odpaří. Za mě ideál na malé kusy nanést štětečkem (pořádně rozpatlat) po 3 minutách vymít vodou, usušit a natáhnout olej Na větší plochu se mi osvědčilo nasáknout do hadříku a pořádně vetřít. Lepší umít vodou ještě, když je to vlhké, nevzniknou takové fleky (u malých věcí je to jedno). Pokud je to málo černý nebo flekatý znovu a lépe. 2 aplikace to slejou a zčerní dokonale. Na jedné části jsem dával 3 a dokonalost. Na vzduchovku jsem potřeboval cca 2/5 50ml flaštičky Před aplikací POŘÁDNĚ odmastit povrch! Uvidíme jak bude odolný v porovnání s průmyslovým za tepla...
19-Apr 2022
Václav Šima
verified review
No super věc a jednoduché

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