Sword maintenance kit

You will find all the necessary maintenance and cleaning agents, such as Weapon oil, abrasive gum cleaners, cleaning fleece, abrasive sponges and sword maintenance kits in this section. These care products are suitable for all our swords, bladed weapons, armours, their parts and other items made of carbon steel, unless otherwise stated. By proper application of these agents, you will prevent rust and corrosion! With these little tools you can easily get the original look of your unique weapon or armour!

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Sword maintenance kit

Correct use of the sword maintenance kit and other agents and tools prevents corrosion and preserves the original look of the weapon - its aging is thereby significantly slowed down.

If you own a bladed weapon or a fire gun, you will find some practical and proven means for its maintenance and care maintenance here. Some of these sets are named directly as sword maintenance kits. Very popular are the maintenance kits for samurai swords. Frequently purchased are also fleece (cleaning wool), preservation oils, weapon oils and all products of the brand Ballistol. A novelty in our offer is the cold blackening fluid, which has proven among our customers.

Remove the dirt and moisture before applying a preservative agent. You will find the correct procedure in the operating instructions. You will also find much information in thematic internet fora. We hope that your weapon will be a joy to you for a long time, especially with the help of a sword maintenance kit from Outfit4Events!